Maintenance is as important as the original design; it’s through maintenance that you preserve the ideal look your face deserves. This service involves: outlining, design, cleaning, dyeing, hydration and finalization.


We work with the best and most widely renowned technique in the market. When well designed and compatible with the shape of your face, eyebrows not only enhance natural beauty and expression, but also highlight personal characteristics, making a difference in your look.

Our exclusive Organic Facial Threading does not burn, cut or irritate the first layer of skin (epidermis), since we use exclusive threading lines that are made with a special type of cotton, grown without pesticides or genetic modification, that are also enriched with vitamin E (natural antioxidant that fights aging) and antibacterial treatment.

The Best Eyebrow Design Technique

Recognized as the best eyebrow technique in the business, our technique produces impressive results as it considers various aspects of the face such as expression lines, facial symmetry, color, quantity and type of hair, and personal identity, allowing us to find the optimal eyebrow design for each face, highlighting your natural beauty, making your expression more elegant and personalized.



To ensure the highest level of comfort and hygiene, each client receives an individual kit containing all the items needed to provide a fast and efficient service. This kit contains exclusive items such as our organic bamboo fiber sponge, which is gentle and provides comfort. 


Other than our individual kit, all of our services are performed with sterilized tweezers which are exclusive per service and are to be used again only after being sterilized for 24 hours and vacuum sealed, to ensure total hygiene and health of all our clients.


Our (Egyptian) organic thread for facial waxing was specially designed to minimize skin irritation during the depilation process promoting a more gentle and comfortable experience. Made with pesticide free anti-allergic cotton, this threat does not cause allergic reactions, like regular thread.


  • Adjustable Electronic Chairs

    Our technique is aided by equipments that allow for maximum precision in every service. Our chairs are comfortable and suit each client.

  • VIP Room

    An environment strategically equipped to promote greater quality to your service.

  • Eyebrow Design TV

    A channel that gathers essential information for daily life, such as health tips, beauty and entertainment.

THE EYEBROW DESIGN GROUP is based on a model of businesses with simplified management and high profitability. This successful business model has attracted various investors from all over the world. Desiring to bring such success to their regions, they formed what today consists of our EYEBROW DESIGN network. It is formed by a team specialized in fields like: franchising, business, administration, system development, design, and marketing. The EYEBROW GROUP is currently the LARGEST EYEBROW SPECIALIZED GROUP IN THE WORLD. We are happy to take the highest standard of eyebrow design to the whole world.